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For Immediate Release:
May 11th, 2017

Ogden Community Joins to Make Ogden Arts Festival An Experience Art festivals traditionally consist of artist’s work on display in booths, food vendors and performing arts. The Ogden Arts Festival works to make their festival more of an experience, rather than an event to simply stroll through art. The festival committee is not alone in their efforts. There are various local businesses and community supporters that are collaborating to make the Ogden Arts Festival the art experience that it is.

PALE, an art collective, and the MOR Skateboards team are running a new element to the festival, the Urban Arts area. This area of the festival will feature live graffiti art, a skateboard competition, and more.

Lavender Vinyl, KUER, and the Banyan Collective will be providing multiple forms of media arts. Podcasts will be live streaming, records will be spinning, and more.

CIRCA3, an Ogden-based video production and video advertising company, and Peery’s Egyptian Theater Foundation have partnered with the Ogden Arts Festival to start the Ogden Film Festival. The film festival is an extension of the Ogden Arts Festival, a week before on June 2nd. CIRCA3 has headed up the film festival, putting in extensive effort to make sure that the art of filmmakers can be showcased, in conjunction with so many art experiences that the Ogden Arts Festival is providing.

Ogden Wide will be holding a photo contest, encouraging professional and amateurs to capture the festival using the art of photography.

Ogden Foodie has coordinated a food truck rally for the festival, hosting Lucky Slice pizza, Facil Taqueria tacos, Banh Mi Tim Vietnamese sandwiches, and Bruges Waffles & Frites. And Rooster’s Brewing Co. will be serving locally brewed beers.Festival goers will get the

Festival goers will get the opportunity to learn techniques in the art of floral design at Blooms to Bouquets’ flower crown making station, on Sunday of the festival. Another vital community partner to the Ogden Arts Festival, is the Nurture the Creative Mind (NCM) foundation. Last year was the first year NCM directed the festival. The foundation has made sure that the Ogden Arts Festival grows art year round for the community.

Some of the Ogden Arts Festivals art projects throughout 2016-2017 have been the Ogden Arts Festival Music Series, Ogden Arts Festival Podcast, Utah’s Listening Room, sponsorship of the Joe McQueen mural in Ogden, sponsorship of a local documentary: Local Fidelity, and more.

The Ogden Arts Festival managing committee and all of their invaluable community partners, are excited to continually grow art and let people experience various forms of art at the 2017 Ogden Arts Festival. Join us in experiencing art on June 10th and 11th at Ogden Amphitheater, for only $3 admission for adults and free admission for ages 18 and under.
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Haley Rodgers
Ogden Arts Festival | Media Relations Coordinator | 385-259-5649
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