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The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation will be managing the 2016 Ogden Arts Festival. The foundation plans to enhance the festival and grow arts in Ogden.

OGDEN, UT – The Ogden Arts Festival (OAF) was previously managed by a collection of Ogden business owners. In 2015, the OAF committee chose to make the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation (NCM) the new managing organization, starting in 2016.

The past OAF director and owner of Grounds of Coffee, Suzy Dailey, is supportive of this change in management. “Nurture the Creative Mind is the perfect team to be heading up the Ogden Arts Festival. They are young and fearless,” said Dailey. “I love their creativity, organization and sense of community. The festival is in good hands; we can expect great things to come of it!”

For three years, NCM has been hosting an annual arts festival called FE5TIVAL. The managing committee of FE5TIVAL is now responsible for planning the OAF, under the direction of NCM’s founder and director, Amir Jackson.

“We want to enhance the Ogden Arts Festival and bring new life to it,” said Jackson.

The theme for this summer’s OAF is “We Grow Art.” The managing committee’s mission is to, “Cultivate a community wide effort to nurture a stronger artistic culture by empowering and encouraging creativity of residents and visitors of the Ogden area.”

The Ogden Arts Festival will be held at the Ogden Municipal Gardens and Amphitheater on June 11th from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and June 12th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. The new managing committee has changed the festival days from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday because past attendees and committee members concluded that this will allow more people to go to the festival. Traveling artists also recommended moving the dates to appeal to more artists from out of state.

“Our goal is to go beyond highlighting artists. We want to display artwork in live and interactive formats,” said Ericka Rountree, OAF artist recruiter and coordinator.

Attendees can expect to experience 40 local and national artist booths, a variety music, dancers, interactive art, wandering performers, pop-up art demonstrations, kids ARTivities, live graffiti art, culinary arts, painting competitions and more.

“I’m excited for the line-up we are planning,” said Eric Holmes, OAF performer recruiter and coordinator. “The Ogden Arts Festival is a must-attend summer event.”